The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in our determination.

The World Club 10s will be the first sports event ‘kicking off’ the new National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub on Saturday 21 June 2014.

The new annual event will feature top professional club rugby teams from around the world supported by amateur club tournaments, music and lifestyle attractions to provide two full days of action and entertainment!

Each day will run from 9am to early evening focused around a series of 20 minute rugby matches from the professional team tournament including 12 Pool matches on the Saturday and 12 Knockout matches on the Sunday.

Amateur rugby teams from rugby clubs and schools around Asia also have the opportunity to be part of this historic occasion and play alongside their heroes through age group competitions for U8 to U16, Over 35 and Men’s Open!

Closer to home, the Singapore Rugby Union is providing local rugby talent with the chance to shine on the big stage through a number of showcase matches involving groups from the Lion City as well as inspiring future stars with ticket deals.

With 10 players per team on a full sized rugby pitch, 10s rugby blends the free flowing action of Sevens with the contest of Fifteens to provide ‘entertainment with an edge’ in short, exciting matches. It enables the big named teams and their players from professional club rugby to come to Asia so that fans can meet their heroes in an accessible and bite sized format.

As the first sports event in the new National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub, make sure you are there to experience this historic occasion!